Public Speaking Workshops

Each workshop is billed at $75/hour, and organizations may choose from half or full day programs. 

Please email for more information or to schedule a workshop!

Half Day Workshop



Our half day workshop is intended for first-time or less courageous speakers, and covers a variety of individual and group presentations. All students will learn the basics of public speaking, and present three times to the class during the workshop: once in a group, and twice individually. We provide written feedback to each student on their final speeches, a one-page reminder of speech skills to continually practice, and treats for all participants.  Students also receive a 15% discount on future classes or coaching with Raising Voices.

Time Frame: 3.5-4 hours, depending on class size



Sample Schedule 

Half day workshops are also offered in afternoon sessions, with times determined at registration.



Introduction of workshop

Classmate interviews and introductions

Movement warm-ups

Class activity

Discussion of connection between speech and leadership

Story illustration to introduce Basics of Public Speaking (eye contact, vocal projection, posture and content length)



Group Activity: Students create poster boards with new business or service ideas and present them to the audience



Break (Restroom and Snack)


Description of speech components (organization of content, transfer of full speech into outline form and eventual notecards, adding personal notes to our scripts for word emphasis, and integrating visual aids)



Speech preparation and rehearsal with a partner



Delivery of individual speeches

Closing remarks


12:00-12:30am (Optional additional time based on class size)

Continued speeches

Closing remarks

Full Day Workshop

Our full day workshop is still perfect for first time speakers, but offers a few additional hours focusing on topics that extend beyond basic public speaking. In the full day workshop, students will have the opportunity to practice impromptu speaking, study the different types of "mini speeches", and work on interview skills.

Time Frame: 6.5-7 hours, depending on class size

Sample Schedule 

Full day workshops follow the same 8:30-12:30 schedule as the half day workshops with the following extension activities:


Impromptu/Unprepared Speeches: Students are given a variety of topics to share their thoughts on and are called in random order.



Mini Speeches: Students will learn about and have the opportunity to share "mini speeches" of all different forms - persuasive, informative, research, demonstration, and inspirational



Interview Skill Development