Krista Scott is a gifted public speaking coach. She is enthusiastic, supportive, and smart as a whip. She helped our two kids, ages 9 and 11, tremendously with telling "their stories" in a compelling, emotional, and genuine way that captivated the audience. She taught them to speak with less fear and more joy. We could really tell a difference between the first class and the last class in their ability to express their thoughts — confidently, clearly, and concisely. As a parent it was so great to watch our kids’ confidence grow over the weeks and they were genuinely excited to participate in Krista’s class. I highly recommend Krista to parents who want their kids to learn the invaluable skill of public speaking.

-Brian & Sara (Parents)

My daughter learned excellent tips and received valuable feedback that allowed her to improve her public speaking skills while gaining confidence.

- Ali (Parent)

I could not have been more pleased with the Public Speaking class led by Krista Scott. My son is 11 years old and prior to this class he was extremely anxious to present a speech in a classroom setting. Every week I was amazed how his confidence level continued to grow. Krista has a special way of bringing out confidence in kids with her energy and enthusiasm to help them reach their potential.

- Lisa (Parent)

What a wonderful experience! My son is quick witted and has a fun personality but does not enjoy speaking in front of others. Ms. Krista was wonderful at encouraging all of the children as well as giving them feedback and suggestions on ways they could tweak their preparation and speeches to be sure they were successful in their content and presentation.

My son gained confidence, writing and speaking techniques, as well as a completely positive experience on giving and receiving feedback which is something we'll never take for granted.
Thank you, Ms. Krista!!!

- Charity (Parent)

“Krista’s public speaking classes are the best. Krista’s approach of nurturing innate talent, fine tuning and providing feedback - encouraged my daughters to express their opinions – confidently, distinctly and succinctly.  She is intelligent, energetic and her sensitivity helped them to polish this crucial skill.”

- Najma (Parent)

The Raising Voices program is just the kind of supportive and fun environment your child will thrive in while trying something new and challenging!   It’s been a joy to see my kids support their peers and gain more courage and confidence to voice their opinions all while having FUN with Miss Krista.  We’re looking forward to more sessions. 

- Natalie (Parent)

Krista has been a great coach for my son. We worked with her for Interview techniques and public speaking. She was always prepared with tips and techniques to handle every situation. Her homework and gentle methods to identify focus areas made every minute worth it. Being knowledgeable and communicating effectively are different things. Krista delves deep to understand and train students with their existing skill sets, without taking away their own essence.

- Bharati (Parent)

We absolutely loved Krista's speech class. It was amazing to see the evolution and progress my kids made while taking her class. They really started to enjoy writing the speeches, and they knew it was a safe space. Seeing their confidence - and pride - after delivering a talk and getting some encouraging feedback from Krista and their peers contributed to making this an amazing experience. Thanks, Krista!

- Jenny (Parent)