Public Speaking Classes

Six-Session Online Course


$125 for a total of six one-hour class sessions

Please email for more information or to register for a class!

Week One

Our introductory class teaches initial confidence and poise when presenting before an audience. Topics include learning correct posture, diction, eye contact and gesturing. Students will introduce classmates, and learn basic speechwriting from notes to outline and memorization.

Week Two

This class goes more in depth with the mechanics of speaking such as vocal projection, and delivering a well organized and high energy talk. We discuss powerful introductions to draw the audience's interest, and how to keep them interested with our first demonstrative/instructional type of speech.


Week Three

This class includes an inspirational speech theme as we explore meaningful stories in our lives and add some emotion to our talks. We look at ways to inspire others through our connection with the audience, including pauses in speech, using illustrations and humor, and describing an idea with good detail.


Week Four

Impromptu, or unprepared, speaking becomes essential as we increase confidence to speak at meetings or events without preparation, perhaps being asked to share at the last minute. Here, we direct students to share thoughts with clarity and confidence. Each person receives a topic to briefly comment on, and students are called in random order.


Week Five

Speeches become further refined and much attention is given to posture, tone, inflection and body language. This class includes extensive movement and role playing to loosen up our bodies and become comfortable with gestures. The goal here is to become at ease with no podium, notes or microphone and present in a natural and comfortable manner.


Week Six

Our program concludes with a comparison of personal goals at the start of the class, and we discuss how gaining confidence before an audience brings boldness in nearly every aspect of our lives. This class includes a longer speech in front of parents and guests, and ends with an ice cream party.